Each of our Yard Art sculptures is hand poured and finished, allowing every statue to be a unique and beautiful addition to your home or garden. The Yard Art ornaments are cast in concrete and made in high quality latex, silicon and fibreglass moulds giving a highly detailed finish to the ornaments.

Our garden ornaments can be made with a number of concrete mixes. One, and the most common, is a standard grey concrete mix. Another mixture is using a combination of white cement, lime and pumice sand which gives a natural white stone look. The surface can be wire brushed to give a textured finish although not all ornaments are suitable for wire brushing. The lime and pumice mixture is also made with grey cement and then wire brushed to give a textured surface.  We also do a hypertufa mix giving the ornament an eye catching and interesting finish. The hypertufa ornaments are wire brushed to texture the surface but again not all ornaments are suitable for this treatment. One other mixture we use is a combination of finely crushed glass and white cement. The surface is wire brushed to expose the glass giving a stunning and unique appearance although as with all wire brushing not all ornaments are suitable. Products made with white cement carry an 8% surcharge due to the more expensive price of the cement.

Please discuss your requirements with our Yard Art representative.

Our garden ornaments can be decorated in a variety of ways, including coloured oxides in the mix, concrete stains, patinas, paints, or can be left natural. As discussed above the surface of certain ornaments can be wire brushed to give a textured look. Please discuss your colour choice or finish with a Yard Art representative when ordering.


Several paint finishes are available. Quality concrete paint is used from Porters Paints. This is a hard wearing and long lasting paint which comes in 2 textures - fine and coarse. Fine contains marble dust and gives a stone-like matt, non reflective texture. Coarse contains size-graded quartz giving a rougher texture. Both are natural to touch and look at. If a more glossy finish is required then quality Resene paints can be used to give a vibrant colour finish. Many colours are available in both ranges, so please discuss this with a Yard Art representative when ordering. Note that the base of each ornament is normally left unpainted so that the concrete can continue to breathe and cure as concrete does for many years.


Coloured Oxides

The coloured oxide is added to the concrete mix colouring all of the statue. Each piece is unique. Colours include red, green, tan, brown, marigold, sand, black, and terracotta. Other colours are available but this will need to be discussed with a Yard Art representative when ordering. The finish tends to be low lustre and flat.



We have a number of concrete colour washes which are applied over the surface of the concrete. This is a translucent coating that subtly colours and softens the appearance of the concrete ornament.



Your Yard Art statue can be painted in a special Liquid Copper or Liquid Iron paint. The Liquid copper contains copper particles which turns the concrete surface into copper. Similarly the Liquid Iron contains iron particles which turns the concrete surface to iron. The copper finish can then be given the green patination of age and the iron finish can be given an instant aged, rusted look. More suited to the smaller ornaments because of the cost, but can be applied to any size statue. A stainless steel finish is also available which gives an authentic, sleek stylish stainless steel look.



A chemical stain can be applied to the concrete ornament after it has cured. The stain reacts with the concrete giving a unique and sometimes marbled finish, and sometimes a stone or wood like finish. Choose from Ebony, Mahogany or Caramel.



All of the finishes can be over coated with a concrete sealer giving your garden ornament a beautiful shine. Particularly used over the oxide or stain finishes.