Yard Art offers several services related to our garden ornament business. One is a service where we repair broken ornaments and another is where we offer memorials. Please see below for details.

We also offer a service where we buy old garden ornaments. We will consider any ornament in any condition and offer a realistic price. Please contact us with your details.


Do you have an old tired ornament that is cracked, chipped, broken, in general disrepair, maybe one of sentimental value that needs some tender loving care – we may be able to help. Many ornaments are repairable, chips can be filled, broken pieces can be glued back together or sometimes just a good clean and a repaint will do wonders. Note that not all ornaments can be fixed but we can certainly assess the damage, see what needs to be done and give you a no obligation quote. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Have you had your loved one cremated (either pet or family member) and not sure what to do with the ashes. Would you like a permanent reminder for your home or garden. We offer a service where the ashes of your cherished one are gently mixed in with the concrete and then poured into a suitable ornament of your choice or a hollow made within the ornament to hold the urn and ashes. You may wish to be present for the processing or allow us to do it all but please feel free to call us and discuss your requirements.