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We have a range of fire pots which come in a textured finish.  We make them in plain concrete grey (white) or in a charcoal colour (black). 
The fire pot tins, used for burning the gel in and the firepot lids can be purchased seperately if replacements are needed.
We also supply firepot gel which is manufactured exclusively for us.  The gel is clean burning, no smoke or nasty fumes, just a slight scent so can be burnt inside or outside.

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Firepot Baby Round

Firepot Baby Upright

Firepot Cone

Firepot Gel Citronella

Firepot Gel Plain

Firepot Lids

Firepot Square

Firepot Stand

Firepot Stand and Pot

Firepot Standard Round

Firepot Standard Upright

Firepot Tins
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