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Posted by Gary Pearson at 4:48pm, Wednesday 23rd October, 2019
COVID-19 Alert Level 1
All back to normal although bear in mind that we are getting an increased number of online orders which is taking us a bit longer to process. 

All prices are in New Zealand dollars.  Click on NZD beside the amount for a currency converter.

Freight cost for our concrete garden ornaments is calculated by the system for item/s up to 25kg and for NZ only.  This is done when products are placed in the shopping cart.  For items over 25kg we will need to manually calculate this for you.
Sending concrete products around the world is extremely expensive given the weight of concrete.  For example sending an 18kg Kiwi to Australia costs over NZD$200.00, so before placing an order, ask for a freight cost first if you think you really want an item.
Freight costs for Moulds International are based on a percentage of purchase price depending on what part of the world you are in.  Please click the Mould Shipping Cost button of your geographic region.

When you go to the Shopping Cart you will need to enter your email address and a password.  If you do not have an account, don't worry, one will be created for you during the purchase process. The password is one you create  for yourself.  This is YOUR password which can be used for future purchases.

New Website
Welcome to our new website.  This site is a combination of Yard Art Garden Ornaments and Moulds International, concrete mould manufacturers.  We have had to build this new website as Adobe are dropping Business Catalyst upon which these two websites were built.
We hope you enjoy your browsing experience and please feel free to pass on any comments you have that may enhance our site.