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Posted by Gary Pearson at 4:48pm, Wednesday 23rd October, 2019
Order Suspension - 14th Sep 21
As from today and until further notice we are no longer accepting online orders.  The reason for this is two fold.
Firstly, we have a large backlog of orders and we need to get these completed asap otherwise we will continue to get further and further behind, particularly with Christmas fast approaching.  The waiting list is becoming unacceptable and we do not want customers waiting months (in some instances) for orders to be completed. 
Secondly, we are making some major changes to our business and during this time we need to suspend the online ordering process as we review what we are doing.
This is a temporary situation and we hope this shouldn't be longer than about a month.  We anticapate being able to accept orders well before Christmas.
We would appreciate your understanding and look forward to your business in a few weeks.

White Cement - 4th Aug 21
As with a lot of things being brought into the country, the cost of freight from overseas keeps going up and up and this includes our white cement.  Accordingly, we have had to add a small margin to anything we make with white cement to help recoup our costs and this is effective immediately (4/08/21).
Moulds International - 7th Mar 21
We are unfortunately no longer making moulds for sale, either internationally or locally.  Refer to reasons documented elsewhere on the website.  We are still making our concrete ornaments.

Unfortunately due to the unprecedented demand for our products, our stock levels are not at what they should be.  Goods are going out the door quicker than we can make them.  This means that if an item is NOT in stock or in the required finish, then we will need to make this for you.  Please order as usual and we will advise if the item is available. 
There is a lead time of 4 - 5 weeks currently to get an item made.
Note that credit card transactions will not be processed until the order is ready for despatch.  We can supply Gift Vouchers as an alternative either for the item itself (no monetry value shows) or a dollar amount.

Moulds International
The cost of sending goods internationally has sky rocketed and it has become uneconomical to send our moulds overseas (except Australia).  We can still send but suggest you ask for a freight estimate first.  Smaller items and 2 or 3 items only may still be OK.  

Orders in General
We are getting an increased number of both online orders and orders from customers coming into the yard.  This is putting pressure on our stock levels and our ability to supply goods immediately. For example, we may have an item in plain grey concrete but a customer wants it in white cement.  This means we have to make the white one and this is therefore taking us a bit longer to process. 
Given the number of orders we are receiving there is currently a lead time of around 4 - 5 weeks for us to make items not in stock. 

All prices are in New Zealand dollars.  Click on NZD beside the amount for a currency converter.

Freight cost for our concrete garden ornaments is calculated by the system for item/s up to 25kg and for NZ only.  This is done when products are placed in the shopping cart.  For items over 25kg we will need to manually calculate this for you.
If the delivery address is a Rural Delivery then as we are charged extra for that, we reserve the right to on charge that cost.
Sending concrete products around the world is extremely expensive given the weight of concrete.  For example sending an 18kg Kiwi to Australia costs over NZD$200.00, so before placing an order, ask for a freight cost first if you think you really want an item.
Freight costs for Moulds International are based on a percentage of purchase price depending on what part of the world you are in.  Please click the Mould Shipping Cost button of your geographic region.

When you go to the Shopping Cart you will need to enter your email address and a password.  If you do not have an account, don't worry, one will be created for you during the purchase process. The password is one you create  for yourself.  This is YOUR password which can be used for future purchases.