Frequently Asked Questions

Yard Art Concrete Ornament Questions

The following FAQ's relate to Yard Art concrete ornaments

Are the goods imported

Our products are made locally here in Levin, New Zealand

Are the items suitable for outdoors

Our products are suitable for both outdoors and indoors

Can the goods be transported around the country

We can freight our products to most places in New Zealand.  We reserve the right to add the extra cost incurred for Rural delivery.

Can the ornaments be used outside

Being made from concrete our ornamnets are suitable for both outside and inside

Can we pay by Credit Card

Yes we can take your credit card details via the website but we manually process the transaction once all details are confirmed.  We can also process PayPal transactions and Direct Banking

Do the ornaments come in different sizes

Mostly no.  There are a few of our products that do come in different sizes and these are listed on our product pages

Do you make custom ornaments

No.  All our ornaments are made in moulds, however we can mix and match many of our products

Do you send overseas

No - we do not ship internationally any more.  The cost is too expensive.

How are the ornaments made

All our concrete ornaments are made in moulds.  Concrete is poured into the mould, left to cure, removed from mould and then finished

How do I keep my ornament clean

Concrete will naturally age over time but products like 30 Seconds and Wet & Forget will help keep the ornament free from mold.  An occassional wash with soapy water will also help

How much does it cost to send an ornament

Prices vary considerably depending on size, weight and destination.  The system does calculate the freight cost if an item is added to the cart.  We can provide a quote.  Note that there is an extra charge fo a Rural Delivery.

What are the ornaments made from

All our products are made from concrete and are suitable for outdoors.  Different mixes are used for different products depending on what we are making or the finish required but they are all cement based.  For example we use both grey and white cement 

Moulds International Questions

The following FAQ's relates to Moulds International

Do you still make moulds

No we stopped making moulds commercially some time ago.

Do the moulds last forever

No, latex perishes over a period of time but by looking after your mould you will get many reproductions from it.  Fibreglass only moulds also need looking after and these will last a lot longer than the latex moulds

How long does it take to get a mould

All of our moulds are made to order - we do not hold any moulds in stock.  Lead time could be up to 6 weeks depending on size of order and workload.  Shipping time will vary depending on which country the moulds are going to.

What are the moulds made from

Our moulds are crafted from the finest latex rubber with a tough, free standing fibreglass outer casing.  Some moulds are free standing fibreglass only.