There are a number of finishes available for your gardedn ornament, some of which cost a little more than a plain grey cement finish.
Most of the items we make are plain grey and a small number are made with white cement.  A lot of the smaller items are then painted.  We tend not to hold rusted stock or stock made with oxides so these are usually made to order.  Please bear this in mind when ordering as we may have to make it in your finish.
Prices for the various finishes are shown as part of the ordering process.

The finishes are:
Plain Grey Concrete - No explanation required

Painted Finish - Self explanatory.  We have a range of colours both in flat and semigloss.  A paint wash is applied to some painted items to give an aged look and to highlight the pattern.

Custom Paint - A painted finish to match your photo or requirements.  We can't guarantee an exact reproduction but it would be recognisable.

Concrete Wash - A concrete wash is applied over a plain grey concrete ornament which gives an aged and textured look.  We have black and terracotta available.

Oxide - We are no longer using oxides to colour the concrete.

White Cement - The concrete is made with white cement and creamy coloured aggregate which makes the concrete a natural creamy white.

Rust Finish - The ornament is painted with an iron paint and then a patina is applied to make the iron paint go rusty.