Mix and Match

Unfortunately we have made a decision that we are no longer going to produce our concrete moulds commercially.  This decsion was made mainly because the concrete ornament side of our business has grown so much over the last nine months that we are struggling to keep up and all our efforts will now be directed to that part of the business.  Also, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, international freight has become so expensive that it has become uneconomic to send our moulds overseas.

Get creative with our Mix & Match collections! Mix & Match are tough, steel bolted fibreglass moulds (molds) for Birdbaths, Wall Fountains, Water Features, Classic Planters, Benches and Tables. Each set contains enough moulds to give you multiple combinations to create your own personalised variations in style. You can make up to 24 combinations of birdbaths, planters and furniture and 60 combinations from the Wall Fountains collection, and the Water Features combinations are limited only by your imagination.